Unlike a typical raffle, in a Reverse Raffle the purchaser of the last ticket drawn
wins the Grand Prize.

♦ GRAND PRIZE: $3,000 will be awarded on Sunday, September 22 at St. Joseph Church in Central City, KY.  The drawing will begin at 1:00. A maximum of 200 tickets will be sold.

♦ Ticket cost is $100.00 each. The ticket price is not tax deductible.

♦ You must be 18 years or older to purchase a Reverse Raffle Ticket.

♦ A ticket is considered purchased when complete payment ($100.00) has been received and recorded by the St. Joseph Catholic Church representative.

♦ Ticket sales will stop on Sept. 22 at 12pm (unless all 200 tickets have been sold prior to that time).

♦ Interval Drawing Awards will be held throughout the evening. Interval Drawings will be awarded for the 1st ticket, the 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, 125th, 150th and 175th tickets drawn if all 200 are sold. The winners of the interval awards will receive various items.

♦ The final four ticket holders will be asked to come forward. These four ticket holders will have the opportunity to decide whether to continue with the raffle or split the Grand Prize. If there is agreement to stop and split, the Grand Prize will be divided between the four ticket holders. If one person does not want to split, the raffle will continue and another ticket will be drawn. From this point forward, the remaining ticket holders can split the Grand Prize.  The top four ticket holders will receive a cash prize, including the Grand Prize if not split. 

♦ If one of the remaining four ticket holders is not present, their vote in the decision to split the pot or not will automatically be to draw for the prize.

♦ Winner of the Grand Prize need not be present to win.

♦ Each ticket may have only one Ticket Owner, even if the ticket is shared. The Ticket Owner controls the ticket and is responsible for making the decision to split the Grand Prize with the other finalists. Prizes will be awarded to the ticket owner.

♦ Winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes due on the awards.

♦ In the event of a dispute or controversy, Fr. Josh McCarty, pastor of St. Joseph Church, will rule.